Karel Alcedo is a first year graduate student in the Biochemistry and Biophysics program. She is currently wrapping up her last week of her rotation experience in the Parise lab.

“We use conveimg_0772ntional trypan blue staining to identify dead cells in a very robust manner; however, it can be very time consuming and it may compromise cell viability when analyzing multiple samples . Our project necessitates a high throughput method to analyze the samples in a very quick and robust manner without compromising viability. Thus, we have developed a pan-cell death assay using trypan blue in flow cytometry. This assay will provide a tool to evaluate the efficacy of a combination therapy using CIB1 depletion and Docetaxel against TNBC cell lines in vitro.” Karel Alcedo

In addition to presenting her research to the lab this week she will be presenting her research findings at UNC’s graduate symposium for first year students on November 14th. We wish Karel the best in her future endeavors!